id card printerWelcome to Fossuk. The 21st century ID card printers. Fossuk provide ID cards to a number of businesses through out the United Kingdom and Europe. Providing cards for some of the most prestigious businesses has lead to Foss to building a streamline production that helps to ensure a high quality service at all times.

We can create any form of ID cards such as plastic cards that simply had a name and photo printed on the card right through to a full on high security cards with integrated chips that allow the cards to used to scan entry into different part of buildings. This adds added value to your business making it more profitable and safer for more people to use. Why is it safer? Well these cards can then link up with specialised software to will allow it to monitor who is in each section of the building. This can then be data that is collected via a printout or an app that can be of use in times when they can be a fire.

Fire reports are particularly important in government buildings or any building where it is in use by members of the public such as schools. A key part to having secure ID cards is finding the best supplier of these type of cards and using a printer from the same supplier. We work with a market leading ID card printer supplier in the UK which is Lesar UK. They offer a full range of ID card printers which can be seen here http://www.lesar.co.uk/id-card-printer . After purchasing your plastic card printer it is a good idea to discuss adding things to the order like plastic card holders and accessories needed to complete your service.

Lesar are known for the professionalism in all aspects of there business. They work with a number of different brands and there product knowledge is second to none. If you would like any more information on our ID card service please go to our services page or contact us via the contact us page.